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A Mentorship Platform for the Electricity Sector

Mentor Junction is a free, national tool from Electricity Human Resources Canada that can help build mentorships in the electricity sector. Supporting programs and resources help you get the most out of your mentorship.

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Mentor Junction is built for people of all fields in the electricity sector, from students to executives. Whether you're considering a career in electricity, just getting started, or an industry veteran, you can connect and make an impact.

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Mentor Junction helps you find mentors based on your field, location, and other areas of career interest. Connect with people from similar experiences, or from different experiences to gain new perspective.

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Why Choose Mentoring?

Mentoring offers many benefits to both the mentor and mentee, and is often used to assist individuals at different stages of their development or at points of transition in their life.

Mentoring has also been adopted by many organizations as an effective development option for employees, both personally and professionally.

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Mentorships help build you connections and skills that can fast-track your career. By connecting with a mentor, either in a program or independently, you can develop new knowledge and skills beyond school or your workplace.

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